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McClelland and Bailey Take On New Operations Roles

As Turner Mining Group continues to expand mining operations, two exciting changes have been made to the Operations Team structure.

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Turner Mining Group Joins Arizona Mining Association and Utah Mining Association

With both of these geographies offering extensive opportunity for growth and impact on society, Turner Mining Group is excited to play our part and develop strong partnerships that will shape the mining industry.

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Turner Elevates PM & APM Positions

With a focus on leadership, professionalism and client service, we have revamped the Project Manager role to enable the most effective performance, site management and day-to-day decision making.

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Introducing “Turner Texts” changing the game by transforming the mining industry.

Whether you are looking for a work quote, a job or limited release Turner Mining Group swag, Turner Texts are the answer.

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Turner Mining Group Joins CalCIMA, Nevada Mining Association and NSSGA

Turner Mining Group joins CalCIMA, the Nevada Mining Association, and the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association as the company looks to take an active role in industry organizations.

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Jake Hubbell Hacks Equipment Maintenance Routine with #MakeTracksCleanAgain

January of 2019, Heavy Fleet Manager, Jake Hubbell, joined Turner Mining Group. He arrived at a state of disarray when it came to equipment management, immediately recognizing the lack of attention on maintenance. “Basic maintenance was just not happening,” said Hubbell, “we were getting hit with lots of undercarriage bills and losing money left and right.”

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